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Welcome to the Home of the dcDragons Field Hockey Club!


Co-ed Field Hockey in Maryland, Washington, D.C, and Virginia.

2021 USFHL Men's Champions

2021 USFHL Men's Champions

2021 USFHL Women's Champion

2021 USFHL Women's Champion

dcDragons Field Hockey Club

The dcDragons is an informal club. We are focused on providing good, competitive, fun hockey to those who have a lifelong passion for the game. Our Facebook page serves as introduction to the club. Interested players can message us on Facebook and will receive a prompt response.

The dragons work with other clubs and field hockey enthusiasts to get teams to go on tours and attend tournaments. To date, we have sent teams to several tournaments in the Northeast, as well as to Miami and Bermuda. Several of our players were members of the US Masters World Cup teams in 2012, 2014, and 2018.  Our Men's Team were champions of the 2019, and 2021 USFHL National Championship, and placed 2nd in the 2017 USFHL National Championship. Our Women's Team has placed 1st in the 2019 National Indoor Tournament, 1st in the 2021 USFHL National Championship 2nd in the 2017 USFHL National Championship and 3rd in the 2018 & 2019 USFHL National Championship.

We play year round. Our local venue is at the University of Maryland Field Hockey and Lacrosse Complex in College Park for the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. We play at night on wet astroturf and under the lights. In the Winter, we play indoors at the Catholic University Raymond A. DuFour Athletic Center. Our club has very good relations with the top college teams in the area. Several college-level hockey players join us during the summer season.

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Our club has experienced tremendous growth over the years, and has become very well recognized for its skill, organization, and commitment to the sport, in the hockey community.

dcDragons Field Hockey